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Coming soon! 9060 Blade.

NeoLoch Products

NeoLoch Inquisitor IC Tester

NeoLoch's new Inquisitor IC testing system allows for a much wider range of IC testing than our previous designs. This split deisgn accepts various blades. Each blade allows for testing of a specific range of ICs. For more information, [click here].
* 7489 test requires the 16 pin adapter board.

Discontinued Products
NLT-5101A Programmable IC Tester (Discontinued)
Replaced with the NLT-28P-12LED-5S Budget Tester

Deisgned as a quick tester for 5101 RAM ICs, this tester can be adapted to test ICs up to 24 pins. [more]
SOIC 8 to 16 Pin Breakout Board
Budget 5101 & 6264 RAM IC Tester

This budget priced IC tester comes pre-programmed to test 5101 & 6264 RAM ICs and also a programming port so you can use a PICKit 2 or 3 (or compatible programmer) to load updates or your own code. [more]
NeoLoch LCD Display RAM IC Tester

NeoLoch's new RAM IC tester comes pre-programmed to test a much wider range of RAM ICs than ever before and adds a new array of features. Tests currently include 2114, 6514, 9114, 2101, 5101, 4016, 6116, 2465, 6264, 6810, 7489*, M5M5189, 62256 and W24257.  [more]
* 7489 test requires the 16 pin adapter board.
Fireloch 4 Digit 7 Segment Display

The Fireloch™ Display module is designed to be a ready plugin solution for breadboard prototypes as well as finished projects. Designed to be easily assembled and to have as small a footprint as possible, the display module measures (approximately) 6.3cm x 5.4cm x 1.3cm. (more)
Fireloch Core Mini-28A

The Fireloch™ Core Mini-28A is a breadboard plug-in solution that is compatible with several different PIC microcontrollers. The Mini-28A comes ready to provide RS-232 communication to a PC and also ICSP (In Circuit Serial Programming) so that the user can easily program the microcontroller with a PICkit™ 2 or PICkit 3. (more)
8 LED Bargraph Display

These LED bargraphs utilize NPN transistor arrays, allowing for weak signals to activate the LED. A lamp test pin is included for fast testing of all the LEDs on the display. These kits are available in Red, Green, or mixed colors. Available in kit form as well as assembledt. (more)
Fireloch Keypad Decoder / Encoder

The Fireloch™ KPD-12A keypad decoder / encoder is designed to work with the Velleman model #12KEY keypad, available from many electronics supply stores. (more)

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