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NeoLoch™  Budget 28 Pin IC Tester


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2 Digit - 7 Segment Display Complete

Expanding on NeoLoch's original 5101 RAM IC tester, the budget tester adds more LEDs and 4 more switches to expand the capabilities of this budget priced 28 pin IC tester.

The included firmware currently supports testing 5101, 6116, 6264, and 21C14/9114 RAM ICs.  

If you have a PICKit 2 or PICkit 3 (or compatible programmer) you can write your own code to use the tester for your specific needs. The programming port is located above the ZIF socket. Code examples for using the LEDs and sampling the switches is included in the datasheet.

Features of the tester:

  • Pre-Programmed to test 5101, 6116, 6264 & 21C14/9114 RAM ICs.
  • 40 pin PIC16F884 microcontroller (programmed with RAM testing code)
  • 28 pin ZIF socket
  • 5 Control Switches
  • Programming port
  • Onboard voltage regulator
  • 40 pin socket for MCU, allowing the use of a wide range of Microcontrollers.
  • 4 mounting holes
  • 2 bypass capacitors to insure stable operation.
  • Includes a 9V battery connector.

Updating The Firmware Version
NeoLoch will, from time to time, release new firmware versions that will add new features and correct any reported bugs. If you wish to update the firmware yourself,  you'll need access to a programmer compatible with the PIC16F884. Simply download the the current firmware version and program the PIC using MPLAB X IPE or a stand along application, such as the PICKit 2 stand along programmer.


Kit Assembly Instructions
NLT-28P-12LED-5S Tester Firmware Version 4
NLT-28P-12LED-5S Datasheet Rev E

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