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Fireloch™  4 Digit 7-Segment Display Kit
Breadboard ready microprocessor controlled 4-digit 7-segment display.


2 Digit - 7 Segment Display Complete

The Fireloch™ Display module is designed to be a ready plugin solution for breadboard prototypes as well as finished projects. Designed to be easily assembled and to have as small a footprint as possible, the display module measures (approximately) 6.3cm x 5.4cm x 1.3cm.

The Fireloch display boasts a myriad of features with the built in ICSP™ (In-Circuit Serial Programming) being the most powerful. ICSP permits the user, using Microchip's PICkit™  2 or PICkit 3, to program the display module with his or her own code. This permits the display module to become whatever the user needs it to be.


Kit Assembly Instructions
Fireloch Display Datasheet
FLS-4D7S-1010 Firmware & Source Files
PIC16F57 Datasheet

Code Templates

Small Lookup Tables - Template with required routines to display characters - non-ascii. Best for math intensive applications, short strings, and where code space is at a premium.

ASCII Lookup Table - Template with required routines to display characters - ASCII Lookup . Best for applications where lots of strings are needed, little to no math is involved and space is plentiful (ascii table takes up more program memory).

Chain Link Displays - Code template to link displays in a chain allowing messages to span more than one display.

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