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NeoLoch Consulting Services

Specializing in creating firmware for Microchip's PIC family of microcontrollers, NeoLoch is committed to assisting both the professional and hobbyist in designing and implementing custom firmware. As such, we consider no job too small and are willing to work with any budget. NeoLoch is also dedicated to seeing a design through all development phases.

NeoLoch is dedicated to provide solutions to your companies specific needs. Once we begin aiding your needs we will be with you from day one until the project is completed to your satisfaction. It is NeoLoch's goal to provide not only support during project development but also support to help resolve issues after product or project deployment.

Currently, our design and support services can be summarized into the following areas:

  • PIC MCU programming and debugging in assembly language & C.
  • Custom circuit design and PC board layout.
  • Serial communication protocols & creation of custom serial communication protocols.
  • Code development & Circuit Design for LCD and LED displays.
  • Circuit Diagnostics & Debugging.
  • PCB Design. We use DipTrace and can deliver Gerber files & DipTrace files.

NeoLoch is committed to aiding any project design regardless of size or needs. If you need help in solving a problem or getting your project to market, feel free to contact us to discuss your needs.

Phone: 772-318-4333

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