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Fireloch™ Core Mini-28A Kit
Breadboard ready microcontroller core module.


Fireloch Core Mini-28A

The Fireloch™ Core Mini-28A is a breadboard plug-in solution that is compatible with several different PIC microcontrollers. The Mini-28A comes ready to provide RS-232 communication to a PC and also ICSP (In Circuit Serial Programming) so that the user can easily program the microcontroller with a PICkit™ 2 or PICkit 3. 

By being compatible with a number     of PIC microcontrollers, the Mini-28A offers the user a wide range of choices when it comes to choosing which microcontroller to use in a design. This frees the user from being limited to one or two microcontrollers.


Kit Assembly Instructions
Fireloch Core Mini-28A Datasheet
Fireloch Core Mini-28A Demo Firmware

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