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Coming soon! 9060 Blade.
NeoLoch™  LCD 28 Pin RAM Tester
2 Digit - 7 Segment Display Complete
No Longer Available
Kit - Not Assembled $39.95
Kit - Assembled $54.95
PCB Only (no parts) $9.85

8/18/15 - Update! This tester is now discontinued and will, in the next 4 to 6 weeks, be replaced by a newer model. If you're intending to purchase this tester in the coming weeks I strongly recommend you wait until the new version is released.

Expanding on NeoLoch's original budget RAM IC tester, the LCD tester adds additional RAM tests and more information on each test completed.  Built in 1A voltage regulator, on / off switch, DC power jack, and a new layout that makes testing a breeze.

If you have a PICKit 3 (or compatible programmer) you can write your own code to use the tester for your specific needs. The programming port is located above the MCU socket. Code examples for using the LCD and sampling the switches is included in the datasheet.

Features of the tester:

RAM Tests:

  • 9114* 
  • 2101 / 5101
  • 4016 / 6116
  • 2465 / 6264
  • 6810
  • 7489 (adapter required)
  • 5189
  • 2465 / 6264
  • W24257 / 64256
  • Most RAM that is pin compatible with the RAM listed above can also be tested.
        Other Features:
  • Address verification test.
  • 2 x 16 character LCD display.
  • 2.1mm DC power jack.
  • 40 pin PIC16F1519 microcontroller (programmed with RAM testing code).
  • 28 pin ZIF socket.
  • 5 Control Switches.
  • Programming port.
  • Onboard voltage regulator.
  • 40 pin socket for MCU, allowing the use of a wide range of Microcontrollers.
  • 4 mounting holes.
  • 5V or 12V selectable power source (power source should be able to supply 300ma.)

Updating The Firmware Version
NeoLoch will, from time to time, release new firmware versions that will add new features and correct any reported bugs. This firmware update will be available in the form of a programmed MCU you can purchase to replace the existing MCU in the tester and also as a download available from this page for those that have access to a PIC programmer.

* March 4th, 2015 - 2114 & 6514 RAM ICs are no longer on the official testable list. We've just discovered that some variants of the 2114 and 6514 RAM ICs will test bad even though they are good. For this reason, the 2114 and 6514 RAM ICs are no longer officially supported by the tester.


Kit Assembly Instructions (revised)  8-14-2014
NLT-28P-LCD-5S Datasheet Rev D

Code Templates

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