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Fireloch™ Keypad Decoder / Encoder
Breadboard ready Decoder / Encoder.


Fireloch Keypad Decoder / Encoder

The Fireloch™ KPD-12A keypad decoder / encoder is designed to work with the Velleman model #12KEY keypad, available from many electronics supply stores. 

Born from necessity and a desire to not have to create a keypad circuit every time a new design required a keypad, the KPD-12A keypad decoder / encoder provides a quick and easy method of incorporating a keypad into your design.

The decoder / encoder comes will all the part required to assemble the unit and a straight pin strip header to connect the unit directly to a keypad (with a socket soldered to the keypad) and insertion into a breadboard. You can, of course, opt to use different connectors to suit your circuit’s design.

The decoder / encoder also has built in ICSP (In-Circuit Serial Programming) which permits the unit to be programmed with a PICkit 2 or PICkit 2. Thus, allowing the unit to be programmed with custom code. So if you don’t like the firmware that comes with the unit, no problem, just design your own.

Features of the Keypad Decoder / Encoder:

  • PIC 16F57
  • Breadboard compatible.
  • Debouncing of Keys.
  • Compact design.
  • ICSP for programming custom code.
  • Socket for Microcontroller
  • 8 Mhz Clock Frequency
  • Operating Temperature -20C to +85C
  • +5 V Supply Voltage


Kit Assembly Instructions
Fireloch Keypad Decoder / Encoder Datasheet
Fireloch Keypad Firmware

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