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NeoLoch, LLC

Located along the central east coast of Florida, NeoLoch is the culmination of over twenty-five years of enthusiasm from David Hoffman, the founder of NeoLoch, LLC. David first exploring the rewarding world of electronics in the early 80’s and though his carrier did move more into the field of programming, his love for the thrill of making something from a myriad of parts never faded.

In 2010, David decided it was time to return to the roots of the electronics bug and he formed NeoLoch, LLC into an electronics firm dedicated to providing exciting kits to electronics enthusiasts everywhere. And so was born the Fireloch™ series of electronic kits.

Thinking back to his teen years, David remembers how expensive exploring the world of electronics is and so it is his goal to provide not only useful kits, but affordable kits as well. To this end, NeoLoch is dedicated to keeping the Fireloch series of kits priced at $30 or less. NeoLoch is also dedicated to keeping our kits open to the community, so the community can adapt them to suite a universe of needs.

To that end, all kits will come with in circuit serial programming so that a PICkit™  programmer can be used to program the kits. In addition, most of our kits will feature the ability to run a variety of microcontrollers. Using this design philosophy, NeoLoch kits can be configured to serve multiple rolls.

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